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Career Counselling in Chennai

Are you looking for the right career path for yourself ? If you are seeking career counselling in Chennai, you’re on the right site. is the leading career counselling and career guidance platform in India. CareerJini provides comprehensive career planning counselling and guidance from expert career counsellors in Chennai.

We offer scientifically researched and accurate psychometric assessments to help you make the right career choices at all levels.


Why should you seek career counselling in Chennai?

Today, there are many choices available to individuals! And everyone desires this important choice to be a right one. Even though the perception of "right" is very subjective and differs based on personal context, choosing the best career choice becomes a difficult task.

Our career assessments use standardized and well researched psychological tests. They measure a broad range of behavioral characteristics such as work preferences, skills, work behaviour and personality attributes, your desired job environments, abilities, thereby offering a very detailed profile that make our recommendations extremely trustworthy for your career planning.

Why choose CareerJini as career counselling platform in Chennai? is the best career counselling platform in India. We offer accurate free psychometric career assessments for individuals at every stage of life. CareerJini provides online career counselling & career guidance for school, college students and working professionals as well to make the career/profession change.

  • Researched based and accurate psychometric career assessments for every individual at all levels to make the right career choice

  • Career guidance and counselling from top expert career counsellors in your field/ area to make the right career decision

  • Career Exploration

  • Six phased unique career planning framework based on O*NET (world’s largest occupational database) for planning your successful career

  • College Search

  • College Admission

To schedule an online session with leading counsellors and education consultants across India, call us at +91- 9699466625

For organizing career counselling and guidance workshops at Schools/Colleges contact us here

Read More about our ONE Workshops a unique intervention provides a complete career exploration of the world of work for Class 8th-9th , Class 10th & Class 11th-12th students

For all supported career and personality tests, refer the Career Toolbox.

Career and Education Options in Chennai

The Detroit of India, Chennai is one of the largest cities in India economically and culturally. It is also considered to be the ‘health capital’ of the country, on account of the state of the art medical institutions and therefore attracts a huge number of medical tourists as well. Tamil Nadu has one of the highest literacy rates in the country and Chennai is considered a major hub of education as well, hosting a large number of educational institutions, from Madras College to IIT Chennai , and a number of other prestigious colleges and universities. Some of the top schools in the city include Shishya School, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Secondary School, DAV Boys Senior Secondary School etc.

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